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Invasive Species Week starts today! - 16/05/2023

Invasive Species including Flora and Fauna can and do have a hugely detrimental impact on our native ecosystems.   For us as anglers, unchecked they can cause immense damage to our marine and freshwater habitats and impact our native fish species … Read More >>


You will have undoubtedly seen the news post on this site and various social media platforms about the ‘Angling Scotland – A Future for Scottish Angling’ seminar with the accompanying link to the video recording of the full event on … Read More >>

COVID-19 GUIDANCE UPDATE – 2 NOV 20 - 05/11/2020

Angling Scotland Ltd continues to work with sportscotland and the Scottish Government to ensure that angling in all forms can continue safely as we move to a tiered structure of Covid-19 governance.  While is it hoped that this tiered approach … Read More >>

Coarse Fishing in Scotland – ‘The Legal Position – Part 2’ - 31/08/2020

This is the second in a series of articles, by  Policy Officer, Ron Woods, outlining the legal position with regard to coarse fish and coarse fishing in Scotland, rights of access to fish for them and legislation governing the movement … Read More >>

Coarse Fishing in Scotland – ‘The Legal Position – Part 1’ - 25/08/2020

Since Angling re-opened at the beginning of July, as part of the Scottish Government’s Routemap out of the COVID-19 pandemic, literally hundreds of individuals have either returned to the sport, or indeed taken it up for the first time.   This … Read More >>