Why Join the SFCA?

The SFCA is here to represent you, the angler, and to ensure the future of our sport in Scotland.

Volunteer members of the Executive Committee attend numerous meetings to ensure your voice is heard, and your rights and concerns are taken into consideration by the Scottish Government and other bodies in decisions and the making of policies that affect coarse angling in Scotland. To do this we need your support.

Help us to help you, stand up and be counted and join today. You can support the SFCA as an individual for only £5.00 per year, less than 10p a week!

The more anglers who join, the louder our voice and the more we will achieve to protect and enhance the sport in Scotland for you.

Individual members also receive a free season ticket for fishing on the Lowland Canals across the central belt (Forth & Clyde Canal & Union Canals) under a Landmark Angling Agreement with British Waterways Scotland.


Who can Join?

Individuals, Angling Clubs, Tackle Shops, Fisheries and Riparian owners can all join the SFCA.

By doing so, they support our work to:

  • promote angling
  • fight for a clean and healthy freshwater environment
  • campaign against the many threats to the pursuit we are all passionate about protecting.

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