Club/Association Membership

The SFCA is committed to helping clubs to develop and grow as they, from the smallest match group to the biggest association, are the backbone of angling and have a vital role to play within the local community.

Our aim is to work with clubs and support them in setting up and running junior sections. This will help to ensure the future growth and survival of the club and at the same time provide them with the advice and resources to ensure that juniors are introduced to the sport in a safe, sustainable environment where they can get the help and encouragement they need and learn about their environmental, social and legal responsibilities as anglers.

The vital role that clubs will play in growing our sport has not previously been focused on or adequately resourced.

The SFCA will actively seek to promote angling clubs to:

  • government
  • funding bodies
  • and, most importantly, to anglers

The SFCA is also seeking to build a range of benefits over the coming months and years that member clubs will be able to take advantage of.
By joining as a member club/association you are entitled to:

  • a vote at the AGM
  • a free link on the SFCA website for your club/association
  • enter teams into the SFCA League and all other Federation team events
  • nominate individual members for international selection
  • call upon the Federation for support with applications for the introduction of fish or to provide assistance in dealing with issues affecting the access and rights to fishing on club waters.

Additionally the SFCA will promote member clubs through this website and when conducting coaching activities within the area where it is based.


Club Membership costs just £50.00 per year.

Annual membership runs from 1st April through to 31st March of the following year.

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Club/Association membership is open to all coarse angling clubs and associations on production of copy of their constitution and on signing up to the constitution of the Scottish Federation for Coarse Angling.


Voting Rights and Representation

Club/Association membership confers voting rights at the Annual General Meeting on the basis of one vote per member club/association

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