Gudgeon (Gobio gobio)

British Record:
0lb 5oz (0.141kg), D H Hull, River Nadder, Sutton Manderville, Wilts, 1990

Scottish Record:
Open at 3oz 8dr

The Fish

Gudgeon are bottom feeders and are widespread throughout the UK.  They are predominantly found in rivers, streams and canals and in some lakes.  In Scotland they widespread in the central belt and south west and can be found in most commercial fisheries as well as the lower reaches of some rivers, canals and lochs in other parts of the country.

In profile they are very similar to the barbel but are lightly spotted for camouflage and are ideally suited to hugging the bottom in shallow margins where they can avoid predators.  They prefer moving water and are often found feeding over gravel bars.

In canals they tend to congregate below lochs particularly where spillways enter and food is washed into the canal.  In these areas they can congregate in huge numbers and 5 hour match weights in excess of 13lbs (comprising 150 – 200 fish or more) have been caught using short pole or whip rigs.


Fishing for Gudgeon

Gudgeon are reliable feeders, even in cold winter conditions, and this makes them a target for match anglers when low weights are expected.  Best baits for Gudgeon are Pinkies, squats, maggots, bloodworms and jokers fished over finely sieved groundbait.

Where groundbait is concerned Gudgeon do have a taste for sweet and spicy things and additives such as Turmeric, Cinnamon, Molassis or Picardi (if you can still get hold of it) are all worth a try to boost catches.