Tackle for canals

  • Box or chair and bag
  • Float Rod (soft action waggler rod)
  • Fixed Spool reel correctly loaded with 4lb mainline
  • Waggler Floats (Balsa Canal Grey type) ranging from 4BB to 2AAA
  • Mixed shot dispenser (ranging from BB down to No 10)
  • Packet of AAA shot
  • Hooks to nylon (size 22 to .08mm line and size 20 to .12mm line)
  • Plummet
  • Disgorger
  • Landing Net and Handle
  • Rod Rest
  • Bait and bait box

Alternatively you could use a pole in which case, instead of the Rod and reel, you will need:
Pole with spare top kit (one elasticated with No3 and one with No 5 elastic)
A selection of basic rigs (see Tips & Rigs section).

If you intend to start fishing with a pole then it is essential that you buy a Seat Box as this will allow you to adopt the correct sitting position and minimise the risk of back ache or injuries.