Buying your first tackle

A good tackle dealer will help you decide on what is right for your new found hobby depending on where you intend to fish.

Try to avoid pre-packaged beginners kits and spend a little more on individual items such as a pole or a rod and reel.

Purchase other main items like a landing net, a couple of floats, weights, feeders and a mixed dispenser of shot (small weights used for float fishing).

A spool of line, a packet of pre tied hooks (hooks to nylon) until you learn to tie your own, a disgorger and a plummet.

A bank stick or rod rest will also be useful and don’t forget either a chair to sit on or, if your budget will extend to it, a seat box (this will not only give you something to sit on but also carry all of your accessories).

If you are unsure where your local tackle dealer is located ask other anglers about shops in your area. If you are still unsure and want advice on purchasing items of tackle contact any SFCA coach who will be happy to advise and instruct you on buying and using your fishing tackle.