Basic Approaches

Legering/Feeder Fishing:

Definitive Guide to Legering – Part 1 – Tackle

Bread Punch Fishing:

Having received a number of requests for help I have produced the following three clips which aim to show you how to prepare bread for a day’s fishing on the canal, and how to use it.  Please excuse the quality and the editing as it is difficult to conduct the activity, film and narrate all at once.  I hope you find them of some use:

How to prepare liquidised bread

How to prepare bread for the hook

Bread Punch Fishing for roach on the Forth & Clyde Canal

Bread Punch Fishing on the Forth & Clyde Canal with a waggler rod

Groundbaits, Leams and Soils:

Leams & Soils (Part 1)

Groundbaits: How to decide what to use

Whip fishing: