Results and Reports 2011





03-Apr SFCA Federation Cup
Results & Report Broom Fishery
17-Apr SFCA Team Champs – Round 1
Results Broom Fishery
29-May SFCA All Scotland Rab Crossan Memorial   Magiscroft Fishery
12-Jun SFCA Team Champs – Round 2
Results Orchill Fishery
10-Jul SFCA Pairs Championships
Results & Report Orchill Fishery
31-Jul SFCA Team Champs – Round 3
Results & Report Magiscroft Fishery
06/07-Aug Celtic Cup Results & Report Magiscroft Fishery
13/14-Aug Junior Celtic Cup  Results & Report Magiscroft Fishery
21-Aug SFCA Team Champs Round 4
Results Orchill Fishery
27-Aug SFCA Junior National
Magiscroft Fishery
28-Aug SFCA Ladies National
Magiscroft Fishery
03-Sep(Sat) World Championships Day 1 Report

Day 3 Report

Day 5 Report

First Day Results

Final Day Results

 04 -Sep SFCA Veterans National
  Orchill Fishery
02-Oct SFCA Scottish National Report TBC
09-Oct SFCA League Of Champions Final Results TBC