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Here you can find all the Results and Reports from Fed Competitions.

2015 season starts with the FEDERATION CUP on  April 19th and takes place at Broom fishery – Annan. Can the Magiscroft A team retain the top spot and can Colin McKerrell defend the individual title. Come along and join in.

In the meantime you can get in the mood for the new season’s competitions by checking out:

Results and Reports from 2012

Scottish Match Angler of the Year 2015 gets underway later in the year so check back later for details.  To see the current standings click the link below:

Match Angler of the Year (MAOTY) Competition 2013 final result and Report.

2013 Match Results and Reports





24/03/13 Grab 2K Qualifier 1 Broomhill
07/04/13 Grab 2K Qualifier 2 Broom
14/04/13 SFCA FEDERATION CUPGrab 2K Qualifier 3 Results & Report Broom
21/04/13 Orchill League 1 Orchill
28/04/13 SFCA TEAM CHAMPS ROUND 1  Results & Report Broom
05/05/13 Broom League 1Barra’s Pleasure League 1Grab 2K Qualifier 4 BroomMagiscroftBroomhill
12/05/13 SFCA ALL SCOTLAND Rab Crossan Memorial  Results & Report Magiscroft
19/05/13 Orchill League 2Barra’s Pleasure League 2 OrchillMagiscroft
25/05/13 (Sat) Grab 2K Qualifier 5Broom Festival Day 1 BroomhillBroom
26/05/13 Broom Festival Day 2 Broom
02/06/13 Broom League 2Barra’s Pleasure League 3Grab 2K Qualifier 6 BroomMagiscroftOrchill
08/06/13 (Sat) World Club Championships Day 1  Results & Report Italy
09/06/13 World Club Championships Day 2Orchill League 3  Results & Report ItalyOrchill
16/06/13 SFCA PAIRS CHAMPIONSHIPS  Results & Report Orchill
23/06/13 Broom League 3Barra’s Pleasure League 4 BroomMagiscroft
30/06/13 Broom League 4Grab 2K Qualifier7 BroomBroomhill
07/07/13 SFCA TEAM CHAMPS ROUND 2Grab 2K Qualifier 8  Results & Report MagiscroftBroomhill
13/07/13 (Sat) Grab 2K Qualifier 9 Broomhill
14/07/13 Orchill League 4 Orchill
28/07/13 SFCA TEAM CHAMPS ROUND 3 Results & Report  Orchill
04/08/13 Broom League 5Grab 2K Qualifier 10 Broom Magiscroft
10/08/13 (Sat) Celtic Cup (Juniors) Day 1Grab 2K Qualifier 11 WalesBroomhill
11/08/13 Celtic Cup (Juniors) Day 2Orchill League 5 Results & report  WalesOrchill
18/08/13 SFCA TEAM CHAMPS ROUND 4 Results & Report  Magiscroft
24/08/13 (Sat) SFCA JUNIOR NATIONAL  Results & Report Magiscroft
25/08/13 Orchill League 6Broom League 6 OrchillBroom
01/09/13 Grab 2K Qualifier 12 Broomhill
08/09/13 SFCA VETERANS NATIONAL  Results & Report Orchill
14/09/13 (Sat) World Championships Day 1SFCA LADIES NATIONALBroom League Final (Day1)  Results & Report PolandMagiscroftBroom
15/09/13 World Championships Day 2Broom League Final (Day2)  Results  & Report PolandBroom
21/09/13 (Sat) Grab 2K Semi- Final Broomhill
22/09/13 SFCA NATIONAL Results & Report Orchill
28/09/13 (Sat) Grab 2K Grand Final (Day 1) Broomhill
29/09/13 Grab 2K Grand Final (Day 2) Broomhill
30/09/13 SFCA Feeder Championships Results & Report Magiscroft
06/10/13 SFCA LEAGUE OF CHAMPIONS FINAL Results & Report Broom
26/10/13 CELTIC CUP (Snr) Results & Report Port Talbot Docks, Wales