Online Medication Check


The RCCC are pleased to announce that UK Sport has joined forces with our counterparts in the USA and Canada to launch the service – Global Drug Reference Online (Global DRO).

The system can be accessed at:

Global DRO provides a quick and easy means by which athletes and support personnel can check the status of medications based on the current World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Prohibited List. The new system retains the ability to check the status of branded medications and individual active ingredients as well as providing every search with a unique reference number.

Global DRO will be updated regularly to include new products entering the marketplace or to adjust for changes in status, and all data will be fully verified by pharmacists experienced in the field of anti-doping.


Supplements in Sport

Informed Sport is a quality assurance programme for supplement products which can assess the risk of production contamination

The website can be accessed at