Coaching Pathways

Coaches, just like anglers, need the opportunity to develop within their profession in order to continue to improve their knowledge and skills, share best practice, achieve their personal goals and become the best coach they can be.

Since the recent formation of Angling Scotland Ltd there have been some subtle changes to the structure of angling in Scotland.  As part of this the role and responsibilities of the Angling Development Board of Scotland (ADBoS) Coaching Group and the three Angling Governing Bodies has changed in relation to the developmental pathway for all licensed coaches in Scotland, and in particular the delivery of Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

Going forward, the ADBoS Coaching Group will be responsible for not only the delivery of the new Scottish Coaching Qualifications and ensuring standardisation of delivery and assessment across the three SGBs, but will take on the elements of the Coaching Pathway related to core coaching skills – i.e the ‘How to Coach’.  The ADBoS Coaching Group will use delivery of the grass roots development programme, Club Angling, and the National Progression Award as a vehicles to to deliver these elements of the Coaching Pathway.  The three SGBs will be responsible for the development of the discipline specific technical skills of their coaches including development of any key knowledge and skills to deliver the participant pathway for their discipline from completion of grass roots programs, through Club, Regional, National and on to International performance.

In the meantime, individuals wanting more information on coaching or coach education should follow the links on this page or contact the Coaching Officer at

You can also you can find out more about what the SFCA coaches are doing, and share best practices in coaching via the SFCA Coaching page on Facebook.