Policies and Plans

Annual Business Plan

At the end of March each year the SFCA publishes its Annual Business Plan to inform the membership of its objectives and Priorities for Action for the coming year. This is circulated to clubs for consultation in February each year and is approved at the AGM in March.


Strategic 5 Year Plan

Since the formation of Angling Scotland as the umbrella body for the sport of Angling in Scotland, the SFCA, along with SANA and SFSA work in partnership to one common Stragetic Plan for Scottish Angling.  Working in partnership within Angling Scotland has helped to secure continued sportscotland funding for all of the governing bodies, whilst ensuring that the uniqueness of each discipline and independence of the individual SGBs is both recognised and protected.  The current Angling Scotland Strategic Plan can be found by clicking the link below:

Angling Scotland Strategic Plan 2017-2021

Corporate Governance and Risk Management

To assure the membership that appropriate checks and balances both exist and are applied, the SFCA operates to a formal Corporate Governance & Risk Management Plan.

SFCA Corporate Governance and Risk Management (PDF)

Business Continuity Plan

The SFCA has a duty to ensure that the Governing Body can continue to operate and effectively govern the sport of coarse angling in Scotland in any eventuality.

For this reason the SFCA is currently developing a Business Continuity Plan.

Finance Instructions

At present the SFCA is not in a position where it can afford to purchase and maintain an electronic accounting package due to the cost and challenge of training new Honorary Treasurers. Instead it operates a bespoke accounting system which is detailed in a comprehensive set of Finance Instructions.

SFCA Finance Instructions (PDF)

Data Protection Policy

While the SFCA as a ‘not for profit’ organisation and is not required to register with the Information Commissioner, it is still required to comply with the Data Protection Act and ensure that all personal information is appropriately protected, maintained up to date and only kept for as long as it is required. For this reason the Executive Committee has chosen to voluntarily register with the Information Commissioner to demonstrate our commitment to protect and process your data properly.  To assist us in doing this the SFCA has a Data Protection Policy which can be found by clicking the link below:

SFCA Data Protection Policy (PDF)

Gifts, Rewards & Hospitality

To ensure transparency and avoid the risk of false accusations or adverse publicity all SFCA Office Bearers, Coaches and Volunteers are required to formally record the receipt of any Gift, Reward or Hospitality received that could be construed as being in connection with their position within the SFCA.

Details of the requirement and guidance are contained within the Gifts Rewards and Hospitality Policy (PDF)