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New Scottish Bream Record

We are delighted to announce that the SFCA Record Fish Committee has been able to verify the claim for a new Scottish Record for a Common Bream (Abramis brama) at 17lb 12oz (8.051kg).

The new Record was captured by Callum Williams using a home made ‘pop-up’ boilie legered on Castle Loch, Lochmaben, Dumfries & Galloway.  Callum was down on the Loch trying to target some of its elusive big carp when the huge Bream picked up his bait.  The Capture was witnessed by other anglers, William Colquhoun and Finlay Smeaton.  Callum said that he, like many others, had feared that the legendary big bream had long since died out in Castle Loch as there had been no reported captures for many years.  He was therefore unsure what he had hooked until he slipped the net under the magnificent fish.  He was particularly surprised by the depth and width of the fish which, while clearly old, seemed to be in excellent condition.

Callum had his Scales tested and the weight verified using the SFCA Record Fish Sponsorship arrangement with Reuben Heaton and said that the service was very quick and efficient.



The previous record was also from Castle Loch and was captured by Simon Harbottle in October 2007 at 14lb 0oz.

The Castle Loch also currently holds the Scottish Carp record which was captured by Ben Mir in November 2016 at 45lb 8oz (20.638kg) and the Scottish Tench record also came from the water with a fish of 10lb 0oz (4.540kg) falling to P Crookhall in May 2003. 

This latest record from the Castle Loch cements its claim to be Scotland’s premier big fish water.

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