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Reuben Heaton support Scottish Record Coarse Fish List

The SFCA is delighted to announce that Reuben Heaton have kindly agreed to sponsor the Scottish Record Coarse Fish List by providing a scales calibration service to record claimants at a vastly discounted price. 

SFCA Chairman Gus Brindle said, “This is excellent news and removes a potential cost barrier to submitting a record claim for individuals who are fortunate enough to catch that fish of a lifetime.  A lot of thanks for getting this deal in place must go to outgoing SFCA Records Officer ‘Fraser Simpson’ who first engaged with Reuben Heaton, and of course to Reuben Heaton Managing Director Andrew Race for his kind consideration and support.”

Reuben Heaton was established as a company in 1857 by it founder and namesake Reuben George Heaton.  In the early years, the company was predominantly a manufacturer of fishing reels, but this manufacturing base was quickly extended to cover many other items of angling equipment. By the early 1870’s Heaton’s fishing reels and angling products were sold worldwide in their tens of thousands. Right from his early years in the industry to around the turn of the century, Reuben Heaton was responsible for many of the early innovations that have shaped the angling equipment we know today.  In the 1970s and 80s Reuben Heaton’s Dial Match Scales were the most widely used scales by clubs across the UK.  For that reason that there is probably not a match angler from that generation who wasn’t weighed in on them almost every week.  Since then the company has continued to innovate and remain a market leader in its.   To see a full the full range of products and learn more about the company visit their website at

To learn more about the Scottish Record Coarse Fish List and how to submit a claim for a Scottish Record, please visit our website at


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