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Due to the Kirkintilloch Miners Club being closed on a Thursday, the AGM will now take place in the King Robert Hotel, Glasgow Rd, Stirling FK7 0LJ.  The meeting will commence at 1930hrs and will be finished by 2230hrs.  

There have been no proposals for Constitutional change received.  Therefore, the existing Constitution will be proposed by the Executive Committee for reacceptance for the coming year.

As previously stated, the Executive Committee will also putting forward the following proposal:

“It is proposed that the SFCA support the Board of Angling Scotland Limited to establish and offer a direct individual membership to Angling Scotland from 1st April 2023, in additional to the individual memberships currently offered by the three Individuals SGBs.”

In my last post I mentioned that I would publish responses to the comments, questions and concerns raised in response to the ‘Angling Scotland – A Combined Future’ seminar video.  We had a reasonable number of responses to the YouTube video and I would therefore like to start by thanking those who took the time to watch it and come back to us.  It was never going to be the most exciting and engaging piece of video, but the feedback we received regarding the content was broadly supportive.  The main questions/comments/concerns raised can be grouped into three main topics:

What does this move mean for, and how will it impact on the SFCA?  Initially, and in the short to medium term, we do not see any major changes to or impact on the SFCA and its membership.  While the other SGBs are considering building the charge for Angling Scotland membership into their own individual membership so that all of their members automatically become Angling Scotland members, the SFCA Executive Committee currently has no such plans.  We will instead encourage individuals to join Angling Scotland and very much hope that this new Angling Scotland Membership will allow all those anglers who have become disenchanted with the existing SGBs, or feel disenfranchised by them, to find a home in Angling Scotland.  As Angling Scotland evolves, and the role of the existing SGBs narrows and becomes more focussed on Performance, competitions and fielding International Teams, it is natural that more of our existing members, particularly those who do not fish competitively, may decide that Angling Scotland and the membership it offers better represents the things that are important to them.  In this case the membership size of the SFCA, and the income generated by it, could reduce – but then again so would its outgoings as Angling Scotland would be picking up many of the outputs and associated costs. As I mentioned in the seminar, this is just the next step in the process and there will need to be a huge amount of work and lots of consultations as we move forward, and ultimately the decisions at each stage will need to be put to the memberships of the three SGBs for approval.  

What will the Angling Scotland membership cost and what happens to the existing monies in each SGB?  No decision has yet been made about the cost of the Angling Scotland membership and this will be subject to consultation with members with proposals being put to the AGMs in March 2023 for approval.  As for the monies within the existing SGBs, this will be a matter for the individual SGBs and their members to decide.  Each SGB is constituted differently, and each has a different financial resources and commitments.  The SFCA Constitution allows, in Article 10.1.1, for:

‘property and monies of the Federation to be transferred to another similar organisation, in the event of the creation or existence of another body set up in order to, or capable of, fulfilling the Objects detailed at Article 2.’

But this only comes into effect on dissolution of the SFCA.  As the SFCA will continue to exist, this doesn’t apply and any decision to move monies to Angling Scotland would therefore have to be passed at an AGM.  My feeling is that the existing monies should, at least initially, remain in the individual SGB accounts and that if Angling Scotland requires financial support for specific projects/campaigns, it should come to the SGBs to request it as happens at the moment.

How will you ensure that one discipline can’t dominate Angling Scotland and force through decisions that could be detrimental to another discipline or it members?   Ensuring this will be a Red Line for the SFCA as I am sure it will be for the other two SGBs.  Achieving this will required a careful and considered re-write of the Articles of Association of Angling Scotland Limited to ensure equitable representation of the three disciplines on the Board of Angling Scotland, whilst ensuring that all members have the ability to elect Board members/representatives, have a say in the way in which the organisation is run, and the ability to shape its priorities through approval of Annual Business Plans.  sportscotland have already agreed to provide support with this critical piece of work by giving Angling Scotland access to their expert legal resource.  

If you feel that the question that you have, or that you have raised, hasn’t been adequately answered above, please email us at and I will try to get back to you with an answer before the AGM. 

Tight Lines,

Gus Brindle, Chairman  


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