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Scottish Canals have this evening announced that the main water supply to the Forth & Clyde is now operational again. Over the weekend Scottish Canals engineers worked closely with Amey and Transport Scotland, who operate the pipeline below the M8 motorway, to reinstate the water supply that failed 10 days ago.  Water is now flowing back into the canal at a rate of around 100 litres per second and it is hoped that if this rate is maintained water levels will return to normal by the end of the week. 

The SFCA is now actively engaging with Scottish Canal to get details of plans for the restoration of fish stocks in the affected pounds in and to the West of Glasgow and in the Falkirk area, where APEM conducted their fish rescues.  From the reports, photographs and video that we have received from anglers and members of the public, this fish rescue does seem to have been very successful as there were no fish remaining or sighted in the majority of the dewatered or worst affected pounds.  Clearly this is good news from a fish welfare perspective, but leaves a major challenge in restoring these areas to a good ecological status which includes appropriate sustainable fish biomass.  At this point we would like to remind individuals that it is not only illegal to move fish in Scotland without a license, but represents a significant risk of introduction of disease and invasive non native species like signal crayfish.  We are therefore urging individuals not to try to move fish from other water bodies or even from other areas of the canal.  Instead, please help us by continuing to sending us details of the pounds in your areas that were affected, along with photographs if you have them, and details of the levels and whether you sighted any fish or not.  This will allow us to compare details with the information from Scottish Canals and APEM and and to get a better understanding of the impact and come up with a plan for the restoration.  Information and images should ideally be emailed to but if individuals find it easier then please post details on the SFCA Facebook page.

We will keep you all informed on progress through this website ad our Facebook p[ages and Twitter feeds.

Tight Lines,

Gus BrindleChairman SFCA


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