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The Government Advice and Guidance on control measures for COVID-19 is changing from hour to hour.  This is a fast moving situation and as a volunteer run SGB it will not be possible for us to to keep the website 100% up to date with the latest measures to be applied.  For that reason it is vital that Clubs, Fisheries and Match Organisers take steps to keep themselves up to date with the latest advice which can be found at:


NHS Inform ( NHS Scotland website )


Scottish Government



Dept of Health ( UK Government ) will be updated a 2pm daily via


World Health Organisation situation report ( updates )




Foreign and Commonwealth Office


Based on the fact that we have an aging demographic within the sport, it is essential in the current situation that all match organisers apply a risk based approach to the running of matches in Scotland.  Clearly, once anglers are at their pegs and fishing, usually a minimum of 10 mtrs apart, the risk of the spread of COVID-19 between competitors is minimal.  The main risks associated with the running of matches are therefore pre and post match, i.e. booking-in, the draw and the results.  The current SFCA advice to mitigate these risks is as follows:


  • Individuals with symptoms, or with other individuals in the household with symptoms, should be ‘self-isolating’ and should not attend fixtures.
  • Registration/Draws/weigh-ins/results for competitions should be done in line with the following guidelines:
    • Hand washing facilities  or hand sanitisers must be made available.
    • Competitors should be encouraged to book in and pay immediately on arrival at the venue and should be handed a numbered ticket reflecting the order in which they booked in. Once booked in they should move away from the registration.  Where possible the registration should be done outside with individuals asked to maintain a minimum of 2 mtrs spacing in any queue if one forms.
    • All peg draws should also be done outside wherever possible.  Individuals should be called forward one at a time to draw a peg in the order in which they booked in.
    • The individual running the draw should wear disposable gloves for the purpose of producing the pegs and conducting the draw.
    • Peg numbers should be written on pieces of paper of card and be placed in envelopes or face down on a table so that individuals can draw a peg and then leave. This avoids the need for individuals to put their hand into a draw bag/container and to touch more than the one peg that they select.
    • Individuals should be discouraged from following the weigh-in to minimise breaches of the 2 mtr distancing rule.
    • Results/presentations should be kept to essential individuals only (i.e. those who have won and organisers) and be done outside and individuals asked to maintain a distance of 2 mtrs from other competitors.
  • Most fisheries are already imposing a limit on the number of individuals who can be in a shop/café at any one time.  If not, match organisers should endeavour to do so.


Ultimately, angling takes place in the open air with considerable spacing between anglers and is probably one the safest competitive sports to be involved with at the moment. That said we all need to ensure that we take every step we can to minimise/slow the spread of the virus and to keep ourselves and other safe.  This guidance will be updated in line with government advice as and when it is received.  Until travel restrictions or more stringent controls are imposed we will continue on the basis of trying to allow sport to continue whilst taking all necessary precautions to minimise risks and keep participants safe. 


Please check the links provided above on a regular basis and keep an eye on the SFCA website and social media pages for future updates.


Tight Lines,


Gus Brindle, Chairman SFCA

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