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Due to the current situation with COVID-19, and in the interests of keeping our members safe, the SFCA AGM will no longer take place this Thursday.

Given that there were no proposals for major or urgent constitutional change, this decision will not have any impact on the running of the SFCA and seemed the most sensible course of action given the current situation. 

Any changes to Officers or Executive Committee members will be completed temporarily pending the opportunity to elect them officially at the AGM once rearranged.

In order to provide the membership with a full update on the financial position of the Federation, on achievements from 2019/20 and on continuing and planned work-strands, the following will be published on the website by Fri 3rd April:

  • Detailed Income and Expenditure Report for Financial Year 2019/20
  • Officers Reports for 2019/20
  • Main SFCA Priorities for Action for 2020/21
  • Update from Chairman of Angling Scotland Ltd

A draft detailed Annual Business Plan for 2020/21 will also be published on the website by the end of April.

I would ask everyone to please share this message as widely as possible to avoid individuals travelling unnecessarily.

Tight Lines,

Gus Brindle, Chairman


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