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Angling Scotland – Future Direction

As I mentioned in my recent Chairman’s Christmas Message, on Saturday 4th January 2020 the Board of Angling Scotland Ltd hosted a meeting at the King Robert Hotel in Stirling to look at options for the future governance structure for angling in Scotland.  The Board was joined by invited representatives from the SFCA, SANA and SFSA to provide a broader perspective and with a view to taking a key decisions about the future direction of Angling Scotland Ltd as the umbrella structure for the three SGBs.  In particular the meeting considered options for the future governance structure for angling in Scotland and its sustainability in the light of no investment from sportscotland.   It also conducted an exercise to considered what the main aims of Angling Scotland Ltd should be for the future.

The meeting was extremely constructive and, by bringing together a diverse group of individuals, with a wealth of experience and a broad range of interests, was able to take a wider perspective in making decisions about how to proceed.  After a considerable amount of positive discussion there was overwhelming support to proceed with producing recommendations to be put to the three SGB AGMs to form Angling Scotland as a membership organisation, encompassing the current membership organisations of SANA, SFCA and SFSA, but in a way that ensured the future sustainability of the three existing SGBs and their roles in the Governance and delivery of discipline specific issues (performance, pathways etc). The meeting also provisionally agreed the following key timings for this work:

  1. To develop recommendations on the proposed direction of travel to be put to the three individual SGB AGMs in February and March; to gain support to proceed with work to develop a plan and proposals to form Angling Scotland as a membership organization, with a view  to bringing the required changes in constitutions/articles of association to AGMs in early 2021..  And to do so to meet the individual SGBs key timelines as laid down in their individual articles/constitutions.
  2. Angling Scotland Ltd aims to complete the work required to establish Angling Scotland as a membership organisation by 31 Dec 2020.  In the time between now and 31 Dec 2020, the 3 SGBs may wish to consult widely with member clubs, individual members and the wider Scottish angling public as to these proposals.  The required constitution or articles of association changes will then be put to members of the 3 SGBs at AGMs due to be held in the first 3 months of 2021.  Assuming agreement at these AGMs, Angling Scotland will be established as a membership organisation on 1 Apr 2021.  

There is still a huge amount of work to do over the next few weeks to prepare the message to put to the three SGB AGMs in February and March and to get them ready in sufficient time to allow clubs and individual members time to consider them beforehand.  The Angling Scotland Board is currently working on consolidating the output from the exercise to consider the revised aims of Angling Scotland as a membership organisation and these will be published in the coming weeks for consultation.   

This piece of work could fundamentally change the way in which our sport is governed in Scotland and I would strongly urge anyone who cares about the future of our sport to look out for, and read, the various consultation documents and surveys that will be published in the coming months and have your say.   If anyone would like any more information, or if any clubs would like me to come and speak to their members, them please don’t hesitate to email me at

With the proposal for the commencement of work to form Angling Scotland as a membership organisation being discussed in more detail at the AGM, I would also urge all member clubs and any interest parties to attend.  The AGM will be held on Thursday 26th March so please put the date in your dairies.  

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