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The SFCA would like to extend a warm welcome to the members of the Fishermann Angling Club.

The Fishermann Angling Club was established in 2010 to provide an opportunity for anglers from the Polish community in Scotland to come together, enjoy their fishing and share knowledge and experiences of the fantastic fishing available here.  The club and all of its members exclusively practice ‘Catch and Release’ fishing and run a number of lure fishing competitions on waters across Scotland each year.

SFCA Chairman Gus Brindle said, “Myself and Policy Officer, Ron Woods, met with the Fishermann Angling Club last month and I am convinced that their membership of the Federation will deliver mutual benefit.  The club’s knowledge and experience of running ‘catch and release’ lure fishing competitions will prove invaluable as we look to provide more opportunities in this growing area of the sport by running our own competitions, and we look forward to seeing their members entering these competitions once they are launched”.

More Information about the club can be found in the Club pages buy clicking the link below:

Fishermann Angling Club

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