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Results – SFCA Broom Open 2017

SFCA Broom OPEN Match  2017

Overall Top 3
1st- Jim Anderson
2nd – James Dornom
3rd – Stuart Dalgleish

Bruces Acre section 1
1st – James Woodrow – 32lb (p5)
2nd – Matthew Waugh – 31lb 6oz (p1)
3rd – Steve Royle – 20lb 12oz (p7)
4th – Colin Hart – 7lb 8oz (p6)
5th – David Mcgregor – 2lb 8oz (p4)(GP)
6th – Gary Black – 1lb 14oz (p3)
7th – Don Lines – DNW (p2)(GP)

Bruces Acre – section 2
1st – Jim Anderson – 40lb 1oz (p14)
2nd – Brian Docherty – 25lb 4oz (p13)
3rd – John Williamson – 25lb (p12)
4th – Gus Brindle – 15lb 15oz (p8)
5th – Rosen Arsov – 8lb 9oz (p10)
6th – James Mcgradie – 2lb 3oz (p11)

Queensberry Water – section 1
1st – James Dornom – 37lb 2oz (p20)
2nd – Stuart Dalgleish – 36lb 4oz (p21)
3rd – Nick Aldersey – 25lb 9oz (p22)
4th – Scott Mcghee – 17lb 9oz (p19)
5th – Pat James – 9lb 7oz (p17)
6th – Geoff Whittle – 7lb 12oz (p18)
7th – John Callahan – 7lb 10oz (p15)
8th – John Perella – 3lb 14oz (p16)
Queensberry Water section 2
1st – Mark Clow – 36lb 2oz (p26)
2nd – Peter Wilson – 18lb 8oz (p30)
3rd – Tam Mitchel – 15lb 8oz (p24)
4th – Dave Walker – 14lb 4oz (p23)
5th – Paul Hodkin – 11lb 4oz (p25)
6th – David Joseph – 8lb 10oz (p28)
7th – Symon Willan – 5lb 4oz (p27)

The Square – section 5
1st – Ian Hickson – 18lb 10oz (p1)
2nd – David Corcoran – 18lb 6oz (p10)
3rd – Craig Duncan – 16lb (p5)
4th – Barry Young – 14lb 3oz (p8)
5th – Derek Brady – 9lb 8oz (p6)
6th – Scott Macher – 6lb 10oz (p3)

A great turnout for Brooms first big match of the year, the SFCA Open – with 34 anglers competing for the top prize.
After a cold start for most it soon turned into a beautiful Spring day at the fishery, not exactly ideal fishing conditions, pretty much flat calm, bright sunshine and a balmy 17 degrees Celsius..!
On Bruces Acre Jim Anderson won his section with 40lb + of carp, all caught on tip rod, which also helped him to the overall win, a good switch of tactics with the culvert not producing on pole. Brian Docherty sneaked 2nd place by a mere 4oz with a net of small carp.
On the far bank James Woodrow won his section with 32lb , again another close one, with a decent net of quality ide, to beat Matthew Waugh by 10oz, who had some nice carp on peg 1 for 31lb 6oz.
On Queensberry, section 1 was another tight affair, with James Dornom catching big ide on pole to weigh 37lb 2oz to win the section, narrowly beating Stuart Dalgleish by 14oz, who also weighed in a nice net of silvers for 36lb 4oz.
Queensberry section 2 was won comfortably by Mark Clow, who had 36lb 2oz of carp, with Peter Wilson finishing 2nd on peg 30 with 18lb 8oz, which included a nice 8lb common carp.
The Square section was the one everyone feared at the draw, but thankfully the correct decision was made to include it, proving it’s more than capable of holding a decent match when the fish decide to feed.! The bright sunshine, flat calm conditions, and with the water being extremely clear, the omens were not good, but after a patchy start, it turned out to be a decent and competitive section, with a few bonus skimmers and ide caught, and lots of 2-5oz roach – well done to Ian Hickson who just had one or two extra bonus fish to help him win, with David Corcoran a very close second with 4 big ide and 45 roach., both recording 18lb+ weights with only 4oz separating them. Respectable back up weights also.
Well done everyone..!
Thanks to all who came along today to support the Federation, to Barry Young for running the match and to Brian Doc Jnr for all the admin .

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