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As previously announced, the SFCA AGM will take place in the Kirkintilloch Miners Club on Thursday 31st March 2016, commencing at 2000 hrs.  The meeting is open to all individual, club and corporate members of the SFCA.

There have been no proposals for constitutional change received from any of our members clubs this year but the Executive Committee has a three proposals to put forward which can be viewed by clicking the link below:

Proposals for Constitutional Change

The first proposal will allow the Executive Committee to take the next step, in conjunction with the other two Angling SGBs (SANA and SFSA), in forming Angling Scotland Ltd – the new umbrella structure for Scottish Angling.  This new body will allow us to continue to receive Sports Council Recognition as a SGB, and funding from sportscotland, whilst retain our individual status as the SGB for Coarse Angling and the ability to independently represent the interests of our sport and wider coarse angling interest.  Key messages about the proposal and potential benefits of the formation of Angling Scotland Ltd can be viewed by clicking the link below:

Key Messages and Potential Benefits

The other proposals are to make subtle changes to the constitution around Anti Doping to bring us in line and makes us compliant with UK Anti Doping regulations.

The undermentioned individuals have been nominated to replace the Federation Officers/Executive Committee members who had given notice that they wish to stand down at the AGM:

Federation Officer:

Honorary Secretary:    Martin McLaren has been nominated, and has agreed, to stand for the post of Honorary Secretary vice Robert Watson.

There have been no nominations to stand for the post of Chairman.  Unless and individual comes forward at the meeting and there are sufficient clubs present and they unanimously elect a candidate, the current Chairman will continue to hold the position until a suitable replacement can be identified.

Executive Committee Members:

Martin Mitchell has been nominated for the post of Child Protection Officer vice Allan Pellow.

Craig Postlethwaite has been nominated for the post of Development Officer which will be vacated by Martin McLaren if successfully elected as Honorary Secretary.

The have been no volunteers or nominations to assume the appointment of Junior International Team Manager.  Responsibility for this role will by default pass to the International Team Manager until such time as a suitably qualified individual can be identified.

There is also still a need to identify an Independent, Non Executive Director for Marketing, Media and Sponsorship.  The incumbent does not need to be an angler or have any angling experience as we are looking for someone with commercial marketing, media and/or sponsorship experience to bring a fresh perspective to an area where we definitely have room for improvement.  Clubs are encouraged to nominate individuals who they believe have the requisite skills and may be willing to take up the appointment.  Individual members may also apply.

A copy of the Agenda for the AGM can be found by clicking the link below:


Clubs and Individual Members are reminded that a copy of the Draft Annual Business Plan for 2016/17 has been published on the website recently for consultation.  The Plan will be put before the AGM for adoption.

Tight Lines,

Gus Brindle, Chairman


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