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SFCA Match Proposal Discussion Document January 2015

SFCA Match Proposal Discussion Document January 2015


I would like to put forward a proposal for making some changes to the SFCA match structure. I propose these be discussed among members and then finalised at a Match Comm meeting on Monday 2nd Feb for this forthcoming season.


Match fishing in Scotland is stronger than ever but clearly changing and it’s my view the SFCA match structure needs to change with these times. With the emergence of strong commercial fisheries and strong fishery leagues anglers have never had more choice to fish matches and its my view that SFCA matches need to be the biggest in the calendar attracting the most competitors both new and experienced, it’s also apparent thro dwindling numbers that the SFCA League is no longer the attraction it used to be.  I believe the priorities for the SFCA from a match point of view should be

  1. Attract and develop young anglers into match fishing thro the continuation of our free entry.
  2. Create matches big enough to attract large numbers of anglers
  3. Develop a strong Scotland team through high level competition
  4. Facilitate the growth of commercial fisheries and their associated leagues


Remove the SFCA League from the Calendar

Of the 4 dates that are in the calendar these dates would be replaced by 3 opens known as the SFCA Broom, SFCA Orchill and SFCA Magiscroft Opens. These matches would be both team and individual events but be open to all and operate as other SFCA opens. Anglers could choose how many of these matches they fish.

The remaining date (league match 4 in this year’s calendar) will be replaced with the SFCA Team Championships to be fished over the Saturday and Sunday. Fished on a penalty points section system this match will also carry with it qualification for the CIP’s World Club Championships.

As it is also becoming increasingly unlikely we will find a permanent  SFCA match secretary I also think this season of Open matches will make it easier to have matches run by various clubs/ teams without the organisation needed for a league system.

Next Steps

I’d like all clubs and members to discuss amongst themselves. I then propose to have a Match Committee Meeting on February 2nd (Monday) at Toby Carvery at Strathclyde Park. We will then ratify the calendar at this meeting.

Any queries give me a shout.

Tight Lines

Chris Paton

International Team Manager

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