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With the Magiscroft Club unable to take their place at the World Club Championships in Solvenia this year due to lack of funds, at the recent Match Committee meeting it was decided to slightly amend the Match Calendar to make use of the now free weekend.  At the meeting the fact that no one has come forward to fill the vacant Match Secretary post was also discussed and it was decided that Federation matches would need to be run differently this year.  Until such time as a Match Secretary can be identified, each match will be hosted by a club/team.  Organising teams are annotated in (bold in brackets) under the title of each match on the calendar which can be found by clicking the link below:

SFCA Match Calendar 2014

Registration for the SFCA Open Matches will, for the time being, be via the Magiscroft Forum, and will close on the Friday before each match.

Teams/club wishing to fish the SFCA Sumer League are to register with either the Daiwa Club or Brian Docherty by the Federation Cup on 27th April.

Hosting Clubs – Responsibilities

Confirming attendance of matches from the Magiscroft Forum or Brian Docherty

Pegging the match – it is the hosting clubs decision on what sections/ lakes to be used

Managing the draw using the Daiwa sponsored peg cards and team cards (it is the clubs responsibility to get these from the previous hosting club) – including the Golden Peg

Managing the weigh in (in conjunction with fishery)

Collating the results and managing the payout on the day

Passing any necessary monies to Gus Brindle for the SFCA including levies and Golden Peg

Confirming the results to Brian Docherty/ Stuart Dalgleish to allow MAOY confirmation and publication on the various web-sites

Additional Points

Guidance on point scoring and running the match will be provided including spreadsheets for individual matches. These will be made available on the SFCA website.  Finally a reminder that ALL pools are optional

Daiwa will provide the tackle vouchers/prizes at each match

Pegging – sections should only be left broken due to corner pegs or culverts. Spaces should not just be left to give anglers more space.

Instructions for running the Golden peg will be given

Permanent trophies to be returned on the day of the match by the holder


Until we are able to identify a volunteer to take on the role of Match Secretary, the success of the Match Calendar will rest on nominated clubs organising the matches they have been allocated to the best of their ability.  If anyone is unsure of anything or needs any clarification on what is required they should contact myself or SFCA Chairman, Gus Brindle.


Chris Paton, International Team Manager

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