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SFCA Draft Business Plan 2014-15 – Have Your Say

The SFCA has today published its Draft SFCA Business Plan for 2014-15 for consultation with clubs and members.  The plan can be accessed by clicking the link below:

Draft SFCA Business Plan 2014-15

This is your opportunity to have your say on what the SFCA Executive Committee has set down as its targets and priorities for action for the coming year.  While the Executive Committee is committed to working in the best interests of all SFCA members and indeed all coarse angling interests in Scotland, it does not have a monopoly on good ideas and we need feedback from clubs and anglers on what is important to you.

Comments and feedback can be emailed to and will be considered for inclusion in the final draft version which will be published on 13 Mar 14. This will be put before member clubs at the AGM later that month for acceptance.

Gus Brindle, Chairman


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