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ILLEGAL FISH REMOVALS Over the past few months the SFCA has seen an alarming increase in the number of reports of coarse fish being removed from Scottish waters, and in particular the Forth and Clyde canal! While reports of small … Read More >>

Bread Punch Fishing on the Canal - 17/07/2013

Having received a number of requests for information about how to fish the canal and what to use, I have produced three short video clips covering bread punch fishing,  They show you how to prepare the bread, what rigs to … Read More >>

Definitive Guide to Ledgering – Part 1: Tackle - 17/10/2011

Introduction For  years purists within the sport have considered ledgering, and particularly feeder fishing, as a ‘chuck it and chance it method’ with little skill involved in comparison with running line float or pole fishing methods.  This belief was perpetuated … Read More >>