Specimen Fish

The SFCA is keen to collect information and pictures showing the capture of specimen coarse fish in Scotland to gain a better understanding about the distribution, growth and health of stocks and thus help us to promote and protect the sport we all love.

Thanks to the continued generous sponsorship from Daiwa we are again able to offer a fantastic prize, and the DAIWA Specimen Fish Trophy to the angler[1] who catches the best specimen coarse fish in Scotland before 31st March 2016.  The lucky winner will receive an engraved trophy and and win tackle worth £500 from DAIWA.

To encourage entries Specimen coarse fish are those exceeding 50% of the Scottish Record weight, or record qualifying weight, current at the date of capture (see list below). If you are fortunate enough to catch a coarse fish of at least this size, please enter the contest.

Table of Scottish specimen weights for coarse species (as at 31 Mar 2015):

Common name Latin name Specimen weight (imperial) Specimen weight (metric)
Barbel Barbus barbus 4 lb 12oz 2.155kg
Bream Abramis brama 7 lb 3.175kg
Carp (common) Cyprinus carpio 17 lb 14oz 7.880kg
Carp (crucian) Carassius carassius 1lb 454g
Chub Leuciscus cephalus 3lb 1oz 1.389kg
Dace Leuciscus leuciscus 12 oz 340g
Eel Anguilla anguilla 3lb 1oz 1.389kg
Goldfish Cyprinus auratus 13oz 369g
Grayling Thymalus thymalus 1lb 15oz 879g
Ide or Orfe Leuciscus idus 4 lb 1.814kg
Perch Perca fluivatilis 2 lb 9oz 1.162kg
Pike Esox lucius 23lb 14oz 10.816kg
Roach Rutlius rutilus 2 lb 2oz 964g
Rudd Scardinius erythrophthalmus 1 lb 454g
Tench Tinca tinca 5lb 2.268kg


How to enter the Specimen Fish Competition                                     

You can find the full Rules and download an Entry Form by Clicking the links below:

Daiwa Specimen Fish Entry Rules

Daiwa Specimen Fish Entry Form

[1] The Specimen Fish Competition is open to everyone who is an individual member of either SFCA or an  SFCA member club at the time of capture (applications for membership  submitted at time of entry will be accepted).