Record Fish

The list is vital to the future of coarse fishing in Scotland as a way of raising general awareness and confirming the variety and value of Scotland’s coarse fish.
Many people catch record fish each year and do not claim a record. Please help us by encouraging anyone you know to make a claim if they are lucky enough to catch that coarse fish of a lifetime.


Barbel Barbus barbus 9lb 8oz 4.310 kg River Clyde S. Wilson 2010
Bream Abramis brama 14 lb 0oz 14 lb 0oz Castle Loch, Lochmaben S. Harbottle 2007
Carp Cyprinus carpio 45lb 8oz 20.638 kg Castle Loch, Lochmaben B Mir 2016
Crucian Carassius carassius 1lb 9oz 710g undisclosed Dumfries & Galloway still water G. Postlethwaite 2013
Chub Leuciscus cephalusLeuciscus cephalus 6lb 6oz6lb 2oz 2.891 kg2.835 kg River Annan J.WhitelawL. Breckell 20141999
Dace Leuciscus leuciscus 1 lb 3oz 8dr 0.553 kg River Tweed, Coldstream G. Keech 1979
Eel Anguilla anguilla 6 lb 2oz 2.780 kg Undisclosed Border Quarry J. King 2007
Goldfish Cyprinus auratus 1 lb 9oz 0.709 kg Forth & Clyde Canal B. Stevenson 1978
Grayling Thymalus thymalus 3 lb 13oz River Clyde S. Thomson 2012
Orfe or Ide Leuciscus idus 7 lb 15 ½ oz 3.604 kg Culcreuch Castle Loch, Fintry M. Cole 2005
Perch Perca fluivatilis 5 lb 2oz Loch Ard P. Taylor 2011
Pike Esox lucius 47 lb 11oz 21.631 kg Loch Lomond T. Morgan 1947
Roach Rutlius rutilus 4 lb 2oz 8dr 1.885 kg Culcreuch Castle Loch M. Stone 2008
Tench Tinca tinca 10lb 0oz 4.540 kg Castle Loch, Lochmaben P. Crookhall 2003

Powan was deleted from the list in October 1991, being a protected species.

How to claim a record

Full Rules governing Scottish Record Fish claims and procedures for submitting a claim can be downloaded at  This document should be read carefully before submitting any claim.  In essence:

  1. No claim will be considered in respect of coarse fish that have been killed, on or after capture, fish must be returned to the water alive.
  2. The claim should be made on a form available from the Fish Recorder of the Scottish Record Coarse Fish Committee (see below). The Committee must be satisfied by the evidence that the fish was correctly identified and weighed, and was captured by fair angling.
  3. The decision of the committee is final and no correspondence thereafter will be entered into.
  4. New claims will be considered subject to the following minimum requirements –
  • Photographs of the fish must be available.
  • The scales must be certified as accurate.
  • Witnesses will assist the claim and, if possible, should be experienced anglers.

Claim Form

Claims for Scottish Records must be submitted on the official form which can be downloaded at

Witness Statement

Claims for Scottish Records must be witnessed and witnesses will be sent a pro-forma to complete and return by the SFCA Fish Record.  To enable claimants and witnesses to see what is required the pro-forma can be downloaded at


Any information required in relation to the Scottish Record Coarse Fish List, or requests for assistance with completing a claim form, should be directed to the Fish Recorder for the Scottish Record Coarse Fish Committee, by email.