Where to Fish

We are hoping that with your help this area of the website will continue to evolve into a comprehensive guide to where to coarse fish in Scotland. The information will not only help other coarse anglers to find out where to go, but will help to build a database containing information on the coarse fish population and it spread throughout Scotland.

This information will be be a vital resource for the Federation to use in its fight to both protect the future of our sport and to grow and develop it in a sustainable and environmentally responsible way.

Help us by emailing the following information to policyofficer@sfca.co.uk.

  • Name of Water:
  • Location:
  • Species Present:
  • Access Points:
  • Parking:
  • Controlling Club/Organisation:
  • Tickets:
  • Best baits:
  • Best Methods:

You can also find out about coarse angling opportunities in Scotland via the SFCA Facebook page.