Tackle for rivers

  • Seat box or chair and bag
  • Feeder/ledger Rod (with selection of tips
  • Fixed Spool reel correctly loaded with 4lb mainline
  • Selection of Feeders/Bombs (local tackle shop will be available to advise on range of sizes to cover the venue)
  • Packet of small swivels and snap link swivels or ledger stops
  • Hooks to nylon (size 22 to .08mm line and size 20 to .10mm line)
  • Plummet
  • Disgorger
  • Landing Net and Handle
  • Rod Rest
  • Bait and bait box

I have chosen ledger/feeder fishing as the best way to start on rivers as it is the easiest method to master and most likely to ensure that the beginner catches fish.

Once you gain in experience, and perhaps with the benefit of a session with your local PAA coach you will be able to adopt other methods (pole, whip, waggler and stick float etc) depending on the prevailing weather and water conditions.