Results and Reports 2014





04 -May SFCA Federation Cup
To follow Broom Fishery
25 -May SFCA Team Champs Rd 1
To follow Broom Fishery
08 -June SFCA Scottish National To follow Magiscroft Fishery
22 -Jun SFCA Team Champs – Rd 2
To follow Magiscroft Fishery
29 -Jun SFCA All Scotland
(Rab Crossan Memorial)
To follow Magiscroft Fishery
20 -Jul SFCA Pairs Championship
To follow Orchill Fishery
25 & 26 – Jul World Youth Championship To follow Nederlands – Assen
8 & 9 -Aug Celtic Cup To follow Magiscroft Fishery
9 -Aug SFCA Ladies National To follow Orchill Fishery
23 -Aug SFCA Junior National
To follow Magiscroft Fishery
6 – Sep SFCA Veterans
To follow  Orchill Fishery
13 &14 -Sep World Championships To follow Croatia
21 -Sep SFCA Team Champs – Rd 3
To follow Orchill Fishery
05 -Oct SFCA Feeder Championship To follow Magiscroft Fishery
12 -Oct SFCA Team Champs – Rd 4 To follow Broom Fishery