Annual Match Calendar 2019

12-May Broomhill Bonanza Qual 4 Broomhill  
12-May ELCAC Summer League 3  Orchill  
12-May Central Summer League  Broom  
18-May Broomhill beginners 3 Broomhill  
18-May ELCAC Saturday 1    
18/19-May Broom Spring Festival Broom  
19-May Broomhill Bangers Series 2    
19-May Daiwa Orchill Over 50s 2    
25/26-May Broomhill 2 day pole only event Broomhill  
26-May JB Angling Springwater Series 2 Springwater  
26-May SFCA Rab Crossan Memorial Magiscroft  
01-Jun Broomhill Beginners 4 Broomhill  
08-Jun ELCAC Saturday 2 Orchill  
09-Jun Broomhill Bonanza Qual 5 Broomhill  
09-Jun Daiwa Orchill Over 50s 3 Orchill  
9-Jun Daiwa Teams of 3 – 1 Broom  
16-Jun Broomhill Beginners 5 Broomhill  
16-Jun Gordon Alexander Clark memorial Springwater – Fly pond  
16-Jun ELCAC Summer League 4 Orchill  
23-Jun JB Angling  Springwater Series 3 Springwater  
23-Jun Broomhill Bangers Series 3 Broomhill  
23-Jun Daiwa Teams of 3 – 2 Broom  
29-Jun Broomhill Beginners 6 Broomhill  
19-Jun Orchill Central Summer League 3 Orchill  
29/30-Jun European Championships Portglenone, NI  
29/30-Jun Broom Summer Festival Broom  
30-Jun Broomhill Bnanza Qual 6 Broomhill  
30-Jun SFCA Pairs Orchill  
07-Jul Broomhill Beginners 7 Broomhill  
7-Jul SFCA Veterans National Orchill  
7-Jul JB Angling Springwater Open  Springwater  
12-Jul AT&CRT UK Canal Pairs – Scottish Qualifier F&C Canal, Stables  
13-Jul Broomhill Bonanza Qual 7 Broomhill  
14-Jul Broomhill Bangers series 4 Broomhill  
14-Jul Daiwa Orchill over 50s 4 Orchill  
14-Jul Central Summer league Broom  
21-Jul JB Angling Springwater Series – 4 Springwater   
28-Jul ELCAC Summer League 5 Orchill  
28-Jun Davie Smith memorial  tbc  
04-Aug Broomhill Bonanza 8 Broomhill  
04-Aug JB Angling Springwater Summer Open Springwater – fly pond  
04-Aug Daiwa Team or 3 – 3 Broom  
10-Aug ELCAC Saturday 4 Orchill  
10/11-Aug Broomhill 2 day pole only event Broomhill  
11-Aug JB Angling Springwater Series 5 Springwater  
17-Aug Scottish Ladies National Orchill  
18-Aug Broomhill Bangers Series 5 Broomhilll  
18-Aug Central Summer League Broom  
24-Aug Scottish Canal Champs Round 1 F&C Canal  
25-Aug Daiwa Team of 3 -4 Broom  
25-Aug Broomhill Bonanza Qual 9 Broomhill  
25-Aug  ELCAC Summer League 6 Orchill  
01-Sep SFCA National Championships Broom  
01-Sep Broomhill Bonanza Qual 10 Broomhill  
7-Sep Scottish Canal Champs Round 2 F&C Canal  
7/8-Sep World Championships Serbia  
8/9-Sep ELCAC Summer league 7 Orchill  
13-15-Sep Scotland v Ireland  Loch Ken  
14-Sep Broomhill Bonanza Semi Final Broomhill  
14-Sep ELCAC Saturday 5 Orchill  
15-Sep JB Angling Springwater Series 6 Springwater  
15-Sep Broomhill Bangers Series 6 Broomhill  
22-Sep SFCA ChampionsMatch Springwater  
22-Sep Daiwa Orchill Over 50s – 6 Orchill  
29-Sep Broomhill Bonanza Final Broomhill  
29-Sep SFCA Scottish Feeder Championships Loch Ken  
06-Oct Central Summer league Broom  
20-Oct central Summer league Broom  
02-Oct SFCA National – OPEN Broom  
TBC Harvey Maule Memorial Broomhill