I am delighted to be able to announce the Scotland squad for this year’s World Angling Championships which will take place on the International Rowing Course at Montemor-o-Velho, in central Portugal over the weekend of 8/9 September.  The squad is … Read More >>

Club Focus – Inverness Pike Angling Club - 06/06/2015

In this new ‘Club Focus’ feature this month we look north to Inverness and the Highlands. Some in certain sectors would have you believe that there are no coarse fish in the Highlands, but the Inverness Pike Angling Club know … Read More >>

Bread Punch Fishing on the Canal - 17/07/2013

Having received a number of requests for information about how to fish the canal and what to use, I have produced three short video clips covering bread punch fishing,  They show you how to prepare the bread, what rigs to … Read More >>

TAY ROACH – PERTH HARBOUR 1968 - 24/01/2013

TAY ROACH – Story Peter Collins, Pictures Sonny Craggs This article has been reproduced with kind permission from the Angling Times.  It appeared in Issue No 766 on 7th March 1968 when the paper cost the princely sum of 9p. … Read More >>

Fish Movements – Know the Law! - 03/11/2011

On 1st August 2008 new legislation came into force to control the introduction (i.e. stocking) of all species of freshwater fish within Scotland , irrespective of the source of the fish or the type or location of the water they … Read More >>