Sadly, like many totally volunteer run Governing Bodies , the SFCA has always suffered from the lack of a fixed office and somewhere to archive its paperwork and historical records. As each new Chairman, Secretary or Treasurer has taken up their post they have simply been handed a lever arch file and, if lucky, a computer disk and been left to get on with the job for their tenure of appointment.

This has led to an inevitable weakness if our historical records and much of what we know about the origins of the SFCA have been passed down by word of mouth from angler to angler. As Chairman I hope, with your help, to be able to address this issue and over the coming years build up an accurate and informative history of the SFCA and make it available through this website.

If you follow the links in the left hand navigation pane, you will see that as a start point we have produced, or more accurately, reproduced a brief history of the SFCA and of Scottish Coarse Angling.

If you feel that you can add to this, or provide interesting photographs or stories then we would love to hear from you.

Contact: policyofficer@sfca.co.uk.