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You will have undoubtedly seen the news post on this site and various social media platforms about the ‘Angling Scotland – A Future for Scottish Angling’ seminar with the accompanying link to the video recording of the full event on YouTube.  We have had a healthy number of responses, which include broad support for the concept of Angling Scotland and for it to offer a direct, environmental membership, from 1st April 2023.  It is fair to say that we have also had a number of individuals express concerns about the impact that the move could have on the SFCA in the longer term.  We are well aware of these concerns, and I can assure you that the issue of the protection and promotion of coarse angling and equitable representation of coarse angling interest on the Board of Angling Scotland going forward are non-negotiable lines for the SFCA, as they are for the other two SGBs.


For those who have not yet done so, I would urge you to watch the video, which can be accessed via the link below, and have your say.  As I say during the video, ‘We are your Governing Body and Angling Scotland will be your Angling Scotland!  We can only hope to shape it, and the future structure for angling in Scotland the way you would like it, if we have your engagement and input.’  Please email and questions, concerns or suggestions to We would love to hear from you.


My intention is to pull together all of the questions/comments that we have received by Wed 2nd March and publish them, with our responses, on the website and social media platforms on Thu 3rd March along with any Proposals for Constitutional Change that will be put to the AGM on 17th March.  This will allow individuals and clubs the opportunity to consider them and come back to us with any counter proposals in plenty of time.


Tight Lines,


Gus Brindle

Chairman SFCA

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