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Proposal to Re-open Angling

Since the implementation of the Governments restrictions to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, the SFCA Executive Committee had been concerned about the impact, not only on our ability to participate in the sport we love but on the sector as a whole and the long term damage the businesses that support it.  We have also however been 100% committed to advocating that everyone should be complying with the government restrictions, in order to get this pandemic under control in order to get to a position where those restrictions could be relaxed as soon as possible.  As you will have seen from the news in recent days, we are not there yet.  There is however light at the end of the tunnel and Government is starting enter into conversations looking at options to begin what is likely to be a slow return to some from of normality. 

The SFCA, along with our partner SGBs within the Board of Angling Scotland Ltd, have been discussing when best to present the case to the Scottish Government to support a return of angling in some form.  As you know, we have also been in regular contact with Marine Scotland and the Angling Trust as well as partner Governing Bodies in other European Nations to see how they have been dealing with the crisis. 

Following the recent announcement from First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, about the Scottish Government’s desire to open up conversations with the wider Scottish public about the way ahead, the Board of Angling Scotland felt the time was right to contribute more substantially to the process. 

We have therefore submitted the letter and documentation linked below to the Scottish government, opposition spokespeople, Marine Scotland and sportscotland. 

Angling Scotland Letter to Ministers

Angling Scotland Proposal on Re-opening Recreational Angling

We hope that our proposals are seen as credible and responsible as we seek to represent a very wide range of views on this difficult matter.  I am sure that there will be members out there who feel that the plan does not go far enough or fast enough, but there will equally be a large number who feel that it goes too far, too fast.   I would however urge everyone to read the proposal carefully as we feel that it provides a risk based, flexible route to incrementally reopen our sport, when the time is right, in line with the Government’s easing of general restrictions. 

It goes without saying that whatever is agreed must first fall in line with broader and over-riding Scottish Government direction and that until restrictions are relaxed we must all play our part in stopping the spread of the virus.  The way that anglers behave over the coming weeks and months will undoubtedly have a impact on the likelihood of the Scottish Government supporting our proposal.  In their recently published document, ‘COVID-19 – A Framework for Decision Making‘ Scottish Government highlight ‘Ease of Communication’ and Likelihood of Public Compliance’ as two of the key considerations for the relaxation of restrictions.   Please therefore continue to resist the temptation to go out fishing!  Stay Safe, Stay at Home and Protect our NHS! 

We will continue to publish regular updates.

Gus Brindle,

Chairman, SFCA

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