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The SFCA Draft Annual Business Plan for 2016-17 has been published for consultation with member clubs and individual members.

I would encourage you all to take a bit of time to read through the plan, which can be downloaded by clicking the link below, and to come back to us with any comments or suggestions:

SFCA Draft Annual Business Plan for 2016-17

The Plan has been drafted with the aim of protecting the future of coarse angling in Scotland, raising the profile of our sport and increasing participation and membership  and takes into account all of the potential external influences that are having, or indeed could have, an impact on coarse angling interests. That said, given the significant number of issues that we are currently dealing with, it would be easy for us as a totally volunteer Executive Committee to overlook things that may be important to you as members. This is therefore your opportunity to have your say on what we have set forth as our Targets and Priorities for Action for the coming year.

Tight Lines,

Gus Brindle, Chairman

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