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Match Committee Meeting Follow Up

Match Committee Meeting Follow Up



After a very positive Match Committee Meeting the following changes will take place for the forthcoming season. This will initially be for one year with a review to take place in October at the end of the season and plans agreed for next year.  The objective of the changes is to target increased participation in SFCA matches at all levels and this will be the general measure of success.

The summary is as follows

-The SFCA matches are reduced by one match

-The SFCA Junior National is moved to the Sunday 7th June at Magiscroft. This move to a Sunday will help improve participation in this event

-The SFCA League is replaced by a Two Day SFCA Team Championships match to be fished at Orchill on the 19/20th September. This match will also act as the qualified for the World Club Championships

-The remaining two league dates are changed to the SFCA Broom Open on May 3rd and SFCA Orchill Open on July 26th

-The SFCA National is to be moved to a natural venue, this year on Loch Ken on the 4th October.

-The SFCA Feeder Championships moves to Magiscroft on the 30th August

Hopefully these exciting changes will result in the SFCA matches consistently being the biggest matches in the national calendar.  We will also be continuing with our free entry for Junior into all SFCA matches to continue to encourage participation of our young anglers.

I amended calendar is attached including organising clubs/ teams and here’s looking forward to the new season. I’d also like to thank all the attendees of the Match Committee Meeting for their input and ideas.

As there is currently no permanent match secretary as with last season I have made it the responsibility of clubs/ teams to run the matches as per the calendar. I have also attached the guidelines for this. Please note a new change of using Facebook as a form to register for the matches. More information on this will be given nearer the first event.

I’d also like to take the opportunity to thank Davie McAuley and Daiwa for their generous support of Scottish Match Fishing over  the last number of years. Whilst the SFCA matches will not be Daiwa supported for the forthcoming season I’m sure you’d all agree that both Daiwa and Davie personally have been of huge benefit to the match fishing scene in Scotland and I’d like that to be formally acknowledged. The SFCA will be seeking a new sponsor for the matches and I will update in due course.

Tight Lines

Chris Paton

International Team Manager

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