Report from the World Champs – Day 1

Ewan and Catfish 1The team have settled into the accommodation after an epic journey from Scotland and today had their first chance to practice on the venue.  The fishing was understandably very variable along the length due to the fact that it had not been fished for over two weeks.

However, there were still bites to be had and fish to be caught and we are confident that the fishing will improve over the next few days.

During the practice the team caught as well as anyone else with Ewan having the top weight of just under 9kg.

Ewan and Catfish 2As you can see from the image (above) Ewan also managed to land a catfish  (Ewan is the one on the left) but unfortunately as these don’t count in the match it was deducted from his weight.

Ewan isn’t keen on cats of any description and as can be seen from the image right he was keen to try to pass it on.

The temperatures soared into the high thirties during the afternoon peaking at 38C so it was good to get back to the accommodation and take stock of what we had learned  and formulate a plan for tomorrow’s practice session.

I will try to post something every other evening to keep you up to date with progress.

Tight Lines,

Gus Brindle


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